Business Diplomacy Directorate General


                                                                         Business Diplomacy Directorate General

                                                                 Jerusalem Amdemariam Tadesse

The Economy and Business Directorate-General has the responsibility to collect, organize and process accurate, relevant and timely information on economic and business situations and market intelligence for government and non-government organizations and the business community. It facilitates an effective and efficient flow of information between the Ministry, Ethiopian missions abroad and relevant national bodies, to centralize process and disseminate economic and business information in a consistent and sustainable way.

The Directorate-General identifies areas of interest to the business community and governmental organizations. It distributes information on trade and tourism, and prepares and supports programs to promote export products and tourist attractions, facilitating contacts and assisting in business deals. It identifies priority sectors for exports, investment and tourism, assists in resolving disputes, creates awareness of market opportunities and capacity building programs from bilateral and multilateral sources, and helps business over agreements on cross-border trade, ports and corridor utilization. It provides a suitable environment for local tour operators to cooperate with foreign counterparts, works to increase tourist numbers, provide visa facilities and information for group visits. It supports conference tourism, lobbying for possible international and regional conferences to be held in Ethiopia.

In collaboration with Ethiopian Missions abroad and the Ethiopian Investment Agency, the Directorate-General works to identify sources of Foreign Direct Investment and the selection of appropriate investors, preparing promotional documents, and setting up a data bank to be used by Ethiopian missions abroad. It analyzes data on assistance, loans and technical cooperation agreements, provides information on government priorities and identifies partners to finance priority areas as appropriate. It investigates the development assistance experience of other countries, and studies the trend of bilateral and multilateral foreign assistance, evaluating the overall international trend. It acts as a focal point to harmonize development assistance and resource mobilization requests.

The Economy and Business Directorate-General scrutinizes the policies of neighboring countries to check these are consistent with international agreements, investigating possibilities of mutually beneficial cooperation. It promotes the interests of landlocked countries in international fora on sustainable port utilization. It follows up implementation of the G-8 Action Plan and of commitments of development partners on increasing ODA levels and reducing debt burdens. Other areas of interest include the utilization of the Brussels Program of Action addressing development problems of Least Developed Countries (LDCs), and Ethiopia's role in the issue of LDCs in the African Group, the G8, and the UN .

The Directorate-General represents the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in inter-ministerial committees to promote economic diplomacy and disseminate guidelines and information to appropriate internal task forces. It submits regular activity reports to the Plan, Budget and Finance Directorate General.