Europe Affairs Directorate-General


                                                             Europe Affairs Directorate-General

                                                                                Amba. Tesfaye Yilma Sabo

The Europe Affairs Directorate-General has responsibility for promoting Ethiopia's political, economic and social interests by strengthening relations with the countries of Europe as well as with the European Union and other regional organizations, including the EU-Africa, ACP-EU, France-France-Afrique forums and follows up activities with relevant authorities.

The Directorate-General conducts research and develops strategies to strengthen Ethiopia's relations with these countries and regional organizations. It focuses on NGOs and investors that can play a decisive role in further strengthening development cooperation between Ethiopia and countries in the region, and identifies priority areas of cooperation through studies in the areas of investment, technical and skill development cooperation. It follows up agreements and works in coordination with relevant bodies to implement and utilize them effectively, and offers policy options on their impact on trade policies.

The Directorate-General works to create a conducive environment for further negotiations on bilateral trade, investment, tourism and development cooperation, informing the Business and Economy Directorate-General on markets, technical and capacity building opportunities generated by bilateral agreements. It also facilitates cooperation in the field of counter-terrorist efforts now under way with the Russian Federation and European countries.

The Directorate-General conducts studies and identifies priority areas for political cooperation between Ethiopian and European countries and the European Union in areas of trade, investment, development cooperation, and technical assistance. It assesses the impact of positions taken by European countries and ensures Ethiopia's positions are consistent with its foreign policy, domestic and international laws and prevailing circumstances. It studies the impact of events in Europe and when necessary produces recommendations for Ethiopia's response.

The Directorate-General initiates high level visits to strengthen political, economic and social relations, prepares memos and talking points to identify issues to be raised. In cooperation with the relevant bodies, it works to ensure that the good image of Ethiopia is reflected in travel advisories put out by European states. It provides information on events taking place in Ethiopia to the representatives of European States and discusses relevant political issues and the positions taken by Ethiopia.

The Directorate-General provides support for and evaluates the performance of Ethiopian missions in the area covered by the Directorate General in line with the Ministry's Strategic and Annual Plans, recommending the expansion of existing missions or the opening new ones as appropriate .