International Legal Affairs Directorate-General


                                                             International Legal Affairs Directorate-General

                                                                                           Firdews Abdulkadir Ibrahim

The International Legal Affairs Directorate-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises the Ministry on legal matters arising from the Ministry's work.  The Directorate-General's counsel ensures that the Ministry's political positions and activities are consistent with international law and informs the Ministry's leadership on any changes in international law, recommending revisions in policy when necessary.

The Directorate-General is particularly involved in the provision of advice relating to the myriad international treaties signed by the government of Ethiopia, including bilateral agreements and multilateral treaties.  The Directorate-General prepares guidelines for diplomats engaged in treaty negotiations and upon signature, serves as the depository of agreements signed by Ethiopia, retaining original copies.  Upon signature, the Directorate-General supervises the ratification process ensuring that all the formalities of ratification are fulfilled.  The Directorate-General then monitors Ethiopia's compliance with its obligations arising under international treaties it is a party to.

Furthermore, the Directorate-General provides advice related to the special privileges and immunities of Ethiopian diplomats based abroad and foreign diplomats resident in Ethiopia.

More generally, the Directorate-General prepares replies on legal issues raised in international organizations and international for a and provides advice on international legal issues encountered by the Ministry's various departments on a daily basis.  Moreover, the Directorate-General provides international legal advice to other government institutions when necessary.