State Minister Hirut receives credentials of Jassim al Saadi, Charge d'Affaires for the Embassy of Oman in Ethiopia

State Minister Hirut Zemene received credentials of Jassim al Saadi, Charge de Affairs for Omani Embassy in Ethiopia on Tuesday (October 18). Vowing to reinforce the ties between the two countries to a new level, Charge de Affairs Jassim al Saadi reiterated the importance the Government of Oman attaches to the ties with Ethiopia. Jassim would be the first Head of Mission of the Embassy of Oman in Addis that was opened very recently. The opening of the embassy is believed to help foster the flow of Omani investment to Ethiopia while enhancing the two sides' diplomatic and economic ties to a high gear. Addis Ababa hosted Omani Products Exhibition (OPEX-2016), being the first venue outside of the Middle East. The huge success and lessons learnt from OPEX were among the reasons for the Government of Oman to open its Embassy here in Addis, according to the Charge de Affairs.

State Minister Hirut on her part underscored the immense benefits Omani investors would garner from Ethiopia's attractive investment schemes. Mentioning Ethiopia's ambitious plan to develop world class industrial parks with fascinating hard and soft infrastructure and the recent launching of these parks, the State Minister invited Omani business people to exploit this prospect. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1995, Ethiopia's economic relation with Oman has shown a steady trade volume progress from 8.5 million USD in 2007 to 23.6 million USD in 2015, according to Ministry of Trade.