State Minister Hirut Zemene hands over a message to the King of Saudi Arabia

State Minister Hirut Zemene on Wednesday (January 11) handed over a message from President Mulatu Teshome to King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, expressing gratitude over the clemency granted to some 375 Ethiopians sentenced in Saudi Arabia. The clemency was granted following the appeal of President Mulatu to King of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz for their release. While handing over the letter to Saudi Ambassador in Ethiopia, Abdylah Faleh Alarjani, State Minister Hirut noted that such actions of camaraderie epitomized the historic relations which went back to the time of the Prophet.  

The two sides also discussed on how to maintain the towering momentum mapped out after recent high level bilateral exchanges and consultations. Among the consultations were the accord to establish a joint technical committee set to explore prospects and untapped opportunities apt for mutual benefits. State Minister Hirut indicated that the technical committee from the Ethiopian side has already started its activities and has scheduled to meet its equal in Saudi Arabia later on this month. Ambassador Abdylah Faleh Alarjani of Saudi Arabia underlined that Saudi already acknowledged Ethiopia's considerable investment opportunities and was encouraging its investors to take part in major priority areas, ranging from agriculture and trade to renewable energy development and tourism.