Document Authentication Document Authentication

1.1.12 .Adoption documents

Documents originating from Ethiopia shall be issued by court of law having the requisite jurisdiction certified by the issuing court's registrar.

1.1.13. ID for pensioners

1.1.14. Documents related to declaration of matters titled "to whom it may concern"

Documents issued by Woredas of Addis Ababa City Administration shall be certified by Sub-Cities or the City Administration.

Documents issued by Diredewa city administration shall be certified by the Regional Justice Bureau.

Documents issued by various organs of national regional states shall be certified by the regional justice bureau of the issuing region or any authorized bureau.

Documents issued by federal government organs shall be certified by authorized official of the issuing organ.

1.1.15. Other relevant documents not included in the above categories

Documents not included in the categories 1-14 shall only be authenticated when submitted after duly being authenticated by the relevant government body.

Documents issued by any non –governmental organization shall be certified by a governmental organ mandated to issue operation license to the organization.

1.2. Documents originating from foreign countries

§ Any document originating from a foreign country shall be authenticated by Ethiopian mission in the concerned country or the country's mission to Ethiopia before it is submitted for authentication by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

§ Where there is no Ethiopian mission in the country of the origin of the document or where the country has no mission in Ethiopia the document shall be in authenticated in a convenient country first by the mission of the country where the document originated and second by Ethiopian mission.

2. Previously issued documents require replacement or renewal,

2.1.     When the documents issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs require renewal and documents submitted must be originals

2.2.     When the documents issued by the Ministry are found incorrect in details and when they are submitted for replacement or for renewal.

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